Pancreas Metabolism Dysfunction [A GranMed Basic Natural Protocol]

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A Note on Disease and Cure

We at Grand Medicine view disease as essentially imbalance caused by some failure at the basic level of life, a disconnection with the Divine Source. Such failure has us seeking for unity, happiness, and re-balance—via food, sex, drink, money, power, social status, etc. This seeking always leads to dis-ease, imbalance. Seeking is disease. Disease is the wrong practice of life. When we learn and practice responsibility for our life generally and for the disorder in particular, balance is restored (“cure”). Cure has three aspects:

• 1 – Understanding how the disorder came to be—its cause (diet / lifestyle abuse, emotional stress, etc.)

• 2 – Knowing how to remedy it—life-positive diet and lifestyle, change of action, etc.

• 3 – Doing it—actually doing what is necessary to relieve or eliminate symptoms and to otherwise be responsible for the disease process and health altogether.


The diseases of carbohydrate metabolism include a variety of disorders. They can range in intensity and severity from mild to extreme, from what is medically termed “borderline hypoglycemia” thru so-called “type-1 diabetes” and everything in between—including all 12 currently known types of diabetes (as of 2016). Like most other diseases, many of these have a genetic tendency or predisposition. Carefully note the term “tendency”. It does not mean you are going to get the disease. It just means that if you are ignorant of or irresponsible with right diet and lifestyle, it will be easier for you to develop the disorder than those without such tendency.

There may be an inherited tendency to weakness in the pancreas, and/or combinations of tendencies in (especially) the pancreas, but also the liver and adrenals, the 3 organs largely responsible for mediating sugar in the body. There are certain dietary insults that increase ones chances of developing the problem(s). Once again, because one has an inherited tendency to weakness one need not develop the disease. Actually developing the disease is essentially a matter of diet and lifestyle—doing The BIG 7 and avoiding the LQFs (see below). There is always a trigger mechanism or factor—usually dietary insult. You learn how to eat right—and then just do it.

Diabetes—an Insidious but Entirely Preventable and Curable Disease Currently at Near-Epidemic Levels

In 2015, diabetes was listed as the seventh leading cause of death by disease in the USA. A modern-day epidemic, some 178,000,000 people around the globe are estimated to have diabetes, and the costs of treatment and productivity losses now run into the hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. In addition to loss of limbs, Type II Diabetes is the cause of many other ailments, including heart disease, renal failure, blindness and skin problems.

In the USA currently, about 23 million people (7% of the population) suffer from Type II diabetes alone, with over 7 million cases going undiagnosed and an estimated 45 million Americans pre-diabetic. The annual cost to treat diabetes symptoms exceeds $140 billion, or about one tenth of all health care dollars spent in the U.S. Figure 1.

Symptoms can include skin tags under the arms, feeling faint when missing a meal, and feeling sleepy after a larger meal. The “three poly’s” are also classic symptoms:

—Polydipsia (exaggerated thirst), —Polyphagia (extreme hunger), —Polyuria (excessive urinating).

Signsinclude a waistline measured at your belly button that is as more than half your height—suggesting that you have too much belly fat and are at least at risk for diabetes.

Diet is Primary in Beating Diabetes

If the diet is sufficiently high in pure raw foods, including fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and there is avoidance of the LQFs—the Low Quality Foods (except on very special occasions), the lifestyle qualities being balanced—there will be no development of this disease (or, for that matter, virtually any other disease). Going onto a diet of all raw liquids (see below) greatly speeds up the process of disease elimination.

The diet must start at a minimum 60% raw foodsand move gradually and steadily upward toward 100%—altho it need not ever reach 100% raw. Most people can eventually manage a 100% raw food diet. Some, who either cannot or will not eat all raw, can at least maintain a high-raw vegetarian-based diet and free themselves from these disorders. Getting regular appropriate exercise and rightly using the LQFs is also crucial.

The so-called “elderly” (in most cultures, “old age” typically begins at age 70) will benefit most by making 70% or more of this raw diet as liquids (this process is described in detail in the book, The GREAT Liquid Diet, available from Grand Medicine @ $24.95,, 619-240-3711, or on Amazon as an e-book for $14.99). All other things being equal, your health will improve as the percentage of raw food increases. Again: the diet does not need to (eventually) be 100% raw. It can be 80-90% or more raw in order to move beyond symptoms. However, if you are to experience truly balanced health and the elimination of all pancreas metabolism dysfunction symptoms, a diet of around 80% raw or higher is necessary.

As suggested, another important diet factor in disease processes is liquid. Pure raw liquids (blended green smoothies and the RMVJ) will especially help carbo-compromised people. The best diet for those suffering from this and virtually any disease is essentially fresh raw fruit and veggie juices and smoothies (blender drinks made from fresh fruits and veggies). We recommend the RMVJ(Raw Mixed Vegetable Juice) most highly.

Various recipes are found in The Great Liquid Diet. The LQF’s (Low Quality Foods) and other important health items are also found there and are listed below. The Great Liquid Diet (GLD) plus the supplements noted below are the very fastest way we know of to eliminate these carbo metabolism diseases. This statement is made from our direct clinical experience since 1972. Note that in Type 1diabetes, this program must be applied very strictly. For example, there can be no exaggerated exercise routines and the diet must be all raw, emphasizing green smoothies (see the book, Green Gorilla, by Adi Da Samraj).

A dietary item often overlooked that greatly exaggerates blood sugar is wheat—as in wheat breads, rolls, pastries, etc. ( Yet another dangerous item that causes the pancreas great struggle is cow’s milk—especially processed. If you have even a slight genetic tendency to pancreas weakness, and if “diabetes” runs in your family, keep such foods extremely low in your diet or eliminate them completely []. There are other contributing factors to pancreas disease, including over-medication, excessive number of vaccines and other problems associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Yet another is environmental toxins.

It is absolutely crucialto understand that the common or “Standard American Diet” (SAD) is a veritable chemical feast—not good—and must be avoided if one is to be healthy. Avoiding the LQFs (below)—the worst of the SAD diet—is essential in the clearing up / elimination of the symptoms of this disease. Please notethat gluten-containing foods (most bread foods), the heavy starches (corn, potatoes) and pastas are very hard on the pancreas and should be strictly minimized or eliminated altogether—at least for the time being.

It is equally important for maintaining freedom from symptoms to continue to use these “celebratory” substances (The LQFs) wisely—namely, either greatly minimizing them or eliminating them altogether from the diet. Such substances as high fructose corn syrup—found in so very many commercial foods—have clearly been shown to cause insulin resistance. So many other example of chemicals and “silly” processing procedures help develop this disease. Your best foods are those picked directly from the yard and from the fruit and nut trees: fresh raw ripe local in-season fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. They have the power of Nature and the sun’s energy in them, so that when eaten as-is, in salads, or in blender drinks, you have that power and energy in your own body.

A Note on Type-1 Diabetes

Interestingly, there is very good reason to believe that Type-1 diabetes is not inherited, not genetic. Like Type-2, it seems to develop from the above causes. Eliminating Type-1 can take much longer than Type-2. It is more a matter of purification of the liver, pancreas and other organs. This cannot be done while you are taking the SAD diet, including the LQFs. Apparently, Type-1 is mostly caused by enzymes within the pancreas destroying hormone-producing cells because of toxic blocks in and around the pancreas. Additionally, there will be weakened function of the liver thru pharma drugs, and, of course, dietary insult and environmental toxins.

The Modern Medical Approach

Your author has been to “diabetes control” groups and seminars conducted for the public. When approaching these people with the information on cure, they grow upset and refuse to talk. They do not accept that diabetes can be cured via diet, lifestyle and a few herbs. I have called the American Diabetes Association with this information and had them “politely” dismiss me. They are clearly not interested in any cure. They are fixed or stuck in this dark, pharma medical model of keeping people hooked on drugs—for life! What has this to do with empowering people with the understanding of how to be healthy by their own hand?

Helpful Specific Dietary Items

Some specific foods that are particularly helpful in this disorder include:

Fresh Brazil nuts, e.g., are high in selenium, important in managing carbohydrate metabolism, Bitter melon juice @ 2 oz. per day is especially helpful., Jerusalem artichoke., Guava and grapefruit juice (fresh-squeezed)., Dried bananas., Avocado and coconut (these are nuts!)., Spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus, watercress and chard., Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue-Green Algae and the Super Foods., All fresh raw nuts and seeds that you’re not allergic to (refrigerate shelled nuts/seeds for freshness—some are very volatile and will go rancid quicker than others)., All fresh raw in-season organic fruits and veggies (especially green smoothies and other recipes as found in the Great Liquid Diet book, noted below), all leafy greens, especially bitter melon, green tea (not the kind with caffeine), and blueberries.

Most Important to Avoid (see list of LQFs below)

Refined sugar and its analogues (see list below), —Refined and processed foods, Starches, including breads, potatoes, corn, —A sedentary lifestyle without exercise

Note: Some persons—especially those with genetically sensitive pancreas function systems—can have extreme reactions to caffeinated beverages. Such beverages can cause a significant spike in blood sugar in these people. Caffeine should generally be avoided in everyone’s case—except, perhaps, in emergencies / special circumstances. However, if taken by genetically sensitive persons, a meal should quickly follow to help stabilize blood sugar.


It is essentially the raw diet, plus life-positive lifestyle factors (especially exercise), that will help bring the sugar back into balance more than the supplements or any other qualities will. Rapid-movement (RM) exercise is perhaps most important in the lifestyle area. One can bring the sugar into balance via RM exercise alone, although this is temporary. Exercise must be tailored to the individual. Generally speaking, an adult could take a good 30-45-minute walk daily. Two brisk 30-minute walks may be even better, depending on the severity of the disease and other factors—including, of course, the ability to walk!

The more severe the condition, the more the need for the exercise—but, again regarding Type 1diabetes, be moderate: nothing extreme. Best is one 20-minute set in the morning and one in the late afternoon / evening—and no more than that. Other forms of RM exercise are also excellent, including swimming, aerobics, skating, calisthenics, machine exercises, ball games, and so on. DO NOT OVERDO EXERCISE WITH TYPE 1 DIABETES!


Psychologists insist that our emotions and mentality are the basis for most physical diseases. Altho this may be hard to accept for some, we at Grand Medicine have found it to be true. Depression, sadness, hate, anxiety, mental-emotional tension, family, and work stress lower the immune system, our main defense, and protection system in the body. This sets us up for any number of disease processes—including diabetes.

We need to be around loving, supportive people. If you do not have this kind of support, get it! Pray for it, visualize it, and it will come, it will appear. If a man, you need men—at least one real, intelligent guy who truly cares about you and who you emotionally keep up with. If a woman, you need a strong but wise gal who will love you enuf to tell you when you are being crazy—in other words, she will be honest with you and help you straighten out. Cultivate this kind of loving relationship with your closest friend(s). Your Spiritual study and meditation on the Divine will go the longest way to help your mind and emotions to be calm and your heart to be happy.

Other Lifestyle Factors

Among the other more important lifestyle factors is early bedtime(rarely later than 10PM—altho 9PM is better.) Bedtime is not only important when it comes to sleep—where we spend one third of our lives. Recent studies have shown that when we are deprived of sleep something very interesting happens to our sugar metabolism: it weakens. Test subjects deprived of half of their nightly sleep (they were allowed only 4 hours per night) were tested as being pre-diabetic after only four days! So, if you want to exaggerate your body toward diabetes, just get less sleep for a few days. Better, take the intelligent approach and get enuf rest! The average is 7-8 hours per night.

There is always an emotional component. The Oedipal Consideration (the early relationship between us and our parents) is most useful in these cases. This is where we developed our attitudes toward men (dad) and women (mom), and toward our own body (which we tend to treat as the parent of the opposite sex). A good Oedipal Consideration (performed by one trained in this method) will bring out the suppressed emotions, leading to a deeper understanding of the egoic self and the personality—why we do the things we do, treat people as we do, treat our body the way we do, and even eat the way we do. This can then free energy and attention for straight and formal relations with all people and for the Divine. For information about the Oedipal Consideration, contact Richard Silk at 707-928-6932 /

Supplement with Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

Certain supplements can help while engaging the high-raw or all-raw veggy diet (see below). Those with most of these sugar diseases have responded well to the nutrients listed below, in some cases making the difference between leaving medications behind and not. Very important: The supplements—the specific ones and amounts of which will vary case-to-case—are usually needed initially until the raw diet takes over. The raw diet (especially the green smoothies) allows one to eventually be free of symptoms—and hence of medications and (eventually) even most or all of the natural supplements.

Herbs including Saltbush (3gm/day), Pterocarpus (2 cups green tea daily), Bilberry / Blueberry Leaf (excellent), Ginkgo Biloba, and others (see below), are traditional remedies with a long history of success. However, one must begin with bowel, liver, and gallbladder cleansing. See Andreas Moritz’s book, The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse. The GLD will get things going in the body all the way thru this process. It will improve function in every organ and system. There is no limit to the number of days one can do the GLD. It is not a fast, but a swift, gentle and very effective (and even tasty!) way to cleanse the body. If you do bowel cleansing (enema, colema or colonic irrigation), the time to do it is while on your GLD. For most Type 2 cases, a 30-day GLD, rightly done, will promptly end symptoms. You are free! Now, stay that way via The BIG 7.

The specific amounts of herbs and supplements, geared to your specific circumstance, will need to be determined by your Natural Health Professional. Each person must be considered individuallybecause each case is different. Line up ten “diabetics” side-by-side and each one will have a different health situation that requires a program unlike the others—altho the green smoothies and the hi-raw or all-raw diet are the great equalizers. Note that magnesium metabolism is crucial in regulating insulin sensitivity as well as vascular tone and BP homeostasis. This process is helped via transdermal magnesium or thru the living leafy greens in your green smoothies (below).

The supplement amounts listed below are adult averages only. Your Natural Health practitioner will test you to see how much of which of these are needed in your specific case. You may need only 2 or 3, or you may need several. The amount needed will diminish as you proceed and do well on your overall program—especially as you are careful with the hi-raw or all-raw diet. The raw liquids speed up the process toward cure, toward elimination of symptoms. The nutritional and herb supplements are helpers and can aide significantly in the process.

Helpful supplements (in alphabetical order):

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid @ 300mg/day, Blueberry Leaf liquid @ 1 dropperful under tongue on rising, 1 before bed, Chromium Picolinate caps @ 3 daily, separate doses, Coconut oil—unrefined, unheated, cold-pressed, extra virgin, @ 3 Tbs. daily, Defatted Fenugreek Seed Powder @ 50mg twice daily with water, Ginger Root tea @ 1c/day from fresh root (increases pancreas sensitivity to insulin), Ginkgo Biloba @ 40mg 3x/day, Gymnema Sylvestre @ 400mg/day, Kelp tablets @ 4 daily, preferably Norwegian (alternative: nascent iodine), Licorice Root liquid @ 2 droppersful under tongue daily on rising for 30 days, then drop to 1/day, Magnesium @ 700mg amino acid chelate (OR—better—consider Ancient Minerals© transdermal gel rubbed into skin), Mulberry Leaf capsules @ 450mg caps 3 times daily, Vanadium sulfate caps @ 2/day, Vitamin B Complex @ 100mg/mcg per factor, 1-3 tabs daily, separate doses, Vitamin C @ 7gm/day (7000mg, dosage: 2,3,2), Vitamin D @ 7000IU daily, Vitamin E400 @ 1-2/day, separate doses

The most important supplement items are hi-lited. Your Natural Health Practitioner will help you choose the items and their amounts appropriate to your specific case.

WARNING: SERIOUS ABOUT GOOD HEALTH? If so, you will learn right use of the LQFs, the Low Quality Foods and Substances!

The Low Quality Foods (LQF’s)

It is very important that you drop all regular and random use of the Low Quality Foods and substances as described in more detail in the book, The GREAT Liquid Diet, and listed here:

All alcoholic beverages, all caffeinated beverages, All commercial soft drinks, All fast foods and junk foods, All environmental toxics and toxins, All fried foods, super-heated fats & oils, All GMOs, the genetically modified foods, All chemicalized / refined / processed foods, All foods grown in commercial fertilized soil, All smoking products—cigarettes, marijuana, etc., All flesh foods—animal (red) meats, fowl, and fish, All foods sprayed or treated with commercial pesticides, All street, OTC and unnecessary pharma drugs (these can eventually be eliminated), All dairy products—except perhaps initially some raw unsalted butter, kefir & plain yogurt, All refined & chemical sugar and products containing it (including honey, maple syrup, etc.)

There are certain times when these otherwise health-compromising, health-undermining, disease-producing materials can be used, including, e.g., very special holiday occasions, birthdays, and anniversaries, but only when in reasonably good health—IF they are used at all. If you use them, have a little, then go back to your pure, basically veggie diet. Otherwise, stay strictly away from the LQFs until completely well. Always keep your diet above 75% raw daily. This way will not be substantially hurt by the LQFs when and if you use them. Using the LQFs intelligently keeps you from feeling as if you are in a nutritional “jail”: intelligent use and appropriate abstinence.

THE BIG 7,or How to Live a Happy and Healthy Life

Make all of your daily activities sacred by adapting and daily engaging the following practices with profound discipline, consciousness, and in loving remembrance of (and as your gift to) Beloved God.

The BIG 7 consist of:

#1 pure diet, #2 adequate rest, #3 right exercise, #4 natural hygiene, #5 right occupation, #6 life-positive environments, #7 spiritual cultivation

We do The BIG 7to create a firm foundation of balanced health so that energy and attention are free to give to God, the Matrix of existence, the Great Consciousness in Which everything appears, or That Which Is Eternal. Only this will finally satisfy your heart. Failing in this, energy and attention go to “problems” in the world or otherwise that develop in the body-mind, real or imagined.

Summarizing The BIG 7:

—The gross physical body is a food body. The quality and quantity of your food largely determines your     gross physical health. Take a diet of at least 75% raw fresh organic unsprayed in-season locally-grown fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds daily.

—Get to bed early (10PM or 11PM latest), —Get regular right exercise (as appropriate to your condition), —Keep the body and your environs clean and neat. Your environs reflect the condition of your mind, —Work at a job you enjoy. This is especially important for men, —Be around positive, happy, loving and supportive people who care about you and believe in you, —Study the Teachings of the great Spiritual Masters, and learn to love and serve God and all beings with all your heart.


Basic Green Smoothie: 1 handful baby spinach (or other green leafy veggie), ½ apple, ½ orange, ½ banana, 8-10 oz. pure water., Blend in VitaMix blender on hi-speed, drink. (Please note that the blender drinks are more important than juicer drinks in that they contain bulk and ruffage strained out of juicer drinks. While the juices without the bulk are more purifying, that bulk and ruffage is important to bowel health.)

Typical RMVJ (Raw Mixed Vegetable Juice) Recipe: 2 large carrots, 2 Granny Smith apples, 2 sticks of celery, 1 lge chunk fresh coconut or 3 Tbs. pure shredded dried coconut, ½ beet, ½ lemon with peel, 1 zucchini, 2 asparagus spears,

Mint Smoothie (blender) Recipe: (blend these in 2-3 cups steam-distilled water), ½ raw pear, 8 fresh mint leaves, ½ raw apple, 2 heaping Tbs. shredded pure coconut, 8 oz. pure water

Avocado-Coconut Smoothie: (Again, blend in steam-distilled water; delicious!), ½ avocado, 2 big Tbs. raw shredded coconut, 1 banana, 3 medjool dates, 10 oz. pure water. Blend the ingredients in a VitaMix blender until smooth, pour into a glass and drink.

End Notes

For more information, a list of The SuperFoods, and the document, The Many Names of Sugar, email us at For help with easeful natural weight loss and integrative nutritional health coaching, contact Jean Morrison at

Finally, the sources of this information include direct clinical and personal experience of and by the author since 1972, reasoning from facts, the competent testimony of trusted colleagues, data from various sources on the Internet, and the study of research documents far too numerous to mention.

Pass the above ingredients thru an Omega juicer (available on the Net for about $200US). Drink it as soon after making it as possible. Do not keep overnight, as it will degrade quickly.


The term Pancreas Metabolism Dysfunctionis generic for many disorders of the organ, particularly what is medically termed “diabetes” and other carbohydrate metabolism difficulties. The protocol is necessarily general—i.e., it addresses the dysfunctions generally, and not specifically to any individual’s case. Among every ten persons medically diagnosed with this disorder, each will have additional signs and symptoms unlike the others. Therefore, each should gain the services of a qualified and trusted health practitioner for the best and most appropriate advice and results. The data on these pages can then be used as a basic guide. The information in this report is thus for educational purposes only.