Guidelines for Editors

The Editor in Chief will be responsible for and will have control over the scientific content of the journal, taking into account the aims and scope and the publisher's editorial policies.

The members of the editorial board will assist the Editor in Chief in refereeing or in coordinating the refereeing of papers submitted for publication in the journal. In addition the members of the editorial board will, in consultation with the Editor in Chief, solicit and acquire suitable articles for the journal and invite colleagues of high scientific standing to contribute to the Journal.

The Editor in Chief will nominate candidates for appointment to the editorial board, (and may make recommendations regarding removals), which candidates may (at the discretion of the publisher) be officially appointed or removed by the publisher.

The Editor in Chief will be acting as spokesperson for Journal, reaching out to academics and practitioners, attending meetings, and working to promote the journal as a desirable place to publish and as an unimpeachable source of information.

The Editor in Chief agrees that, in all matters respecting the selection, editing, acceptance and refereeing of articles, any complaints received in relation to any such articles (whether pre- or post-publication), and relations with authors, reviewers and readers of the journal, the Editor in Chief will conduct his activities in accordance with generally accepted industry standards for integrity and objectivity and with the policies.

The Editor in Chief, in selecting articles for publication, shall take all reasonable care to avoid publication of articles that contain material of a libellous, unlawful or otherwise actionable nature, or that may for other reasons infringe any right of others, or cause damage or harm to persons or property or to the journal's good reputation and Editor in Chief will be supported by journal managing editor and also editorial board if Editor in Chief is busy with his schedule.

The Editor in Chief shall be responsible for selecting articles for publication in the journal that are consistent with the high standards essential for a reputable international scientific journal.