The Revival of Science by the Analytical Solution of its Own Mechanical Models of the Physical Interactions of Faraday and Maxwell

Vladislav Borisovich Cherepennikov 1*

 1Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Quality and Marketing, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg.

 1Director of the International Scientific Organization "Newton Society.

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Citation: Vladislav Borisovich Cherepennikov (2023) The Revival of Science by the Analytical Solution of its Own Mechanical Models of the Physical Interactions of Faraday and Maxwell. Nano Technol & Nano Sci J 5: 150. 

Received: April 1, 2023; Accepted: April 15, 2023; Published: May 4, 2023.


The present article is written by the author in execution of goals and tasks of Strategy of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation till 2035 by analytical solution of heights of mental - mechanical models of physical interactions of Faraday and Maxwell, aimed at replacement of the currently dominating anti-scientific paradigm of quantum-relativistic subconsciousness by building a general theory of physical interactions, on which the outstanding great minds of mankind insisted.

The STD strategy of the Russian Federation was developed by the order of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin Center for Strategic Research and equated by law to National Security Strategy of the country.

Key words

Key words:The Mechanical Nature of Physical Interactions.

    "The extraordinary seriousness of the sad consequences of the crisis in natural science for the fate of earth civilization has not been perceived by those in power and not brought to the consciousness of the masses of the people" Professor V.V. Kuzmin                                                                                    

   "We have become ignorant because we have forever shut out from ourselves that which alone is all science - the study of the ways in which all the great minds of mankind have gone to make sense of the truth. Ever since there has been history, there have been eminent minds that have made humanity what it is, these heights of intellect have been distributed over all the millennia of history." Leo Tolstoy

   "Never would I have known human shallowness; never would I have understood how little interest people have in truly great goals if I had not approached them with my natural-historical methods of inquiry. It was then that I discovered that, for most, science is merely a means of subsistence, and they are willing to deify even their own delusion if it feeds them. There is nothing worse than stupidity.

   The lack of character of individual theorists is the main source of evil. We have the misfortune that this defect is most pronounced in criticism, which either passes off the false as true or deprives us, by paltry truths, of that which is great and important that would be most useful to us " Goethe.

   Even the ardent apologist of modern pseudoscience, S.I. Vavilov, deifying his own delusions that "metaphysical materialists-these enemies are the last Mohicans-have long ago suffered a decisive defeat" was forced to admit that "almost from time immemorial, from Democritus and Epicurus, through Archimedes, Descartes, Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, Helmholtz to Hertz, Calvin and Realey clearly dominated the quest for a mechanical picture of the world... "In the words of the great representative of classical mechanics W. Thomson: 'The true meaning of the question: do we understand, or do we not understand, a physical phenomenon? - boils down to this: can we construct our own mechanical model or not?"

The new facts were, however, and remain now in this sense incomprehensible. The collapse of the mechanical worldview and the tremendous growth of mathematical symbolism carried physicists either toward a stubborn rejection of the new physics, a hopeless attempt at a mechanical explanation of nonmechanical phenomena, or to an idealism of various shapes and shades.

There were no other ways, if we are talking about the spontaneous paths of experimentalists who did not think about the methodological lessons of new physics.

"As you know, there are two points of view in science, mutually excluding one another, on the question in question: the point of view of action at a distance and the Faraday-Maxwellian point of view, according to which all interactions in nature are not made otherwise than with the direct participation of processes occurring in the intermediate medium. To the antagonism between these two points of view I have devoted partially or completely a number of my speeches. In doing so, I have formulated a question concerning the nature of the interaction of any two physical centers. I have been systematically posing this question since 1930 to my ideological opponents (A.F. Ioffe, S.I. Vavilov, Y.I. Frenkel, I.E. Tamm, V.A. Fok and others), who until recently have also systematically evaded a clear answer to it.  It follows from all above mentioned that creation of physical theory covering the widest range of phenomena is difficult and, probably, absolutely impossible on the basis of denying the primary importance of environment and on the basis of objectification of action at a distance as a primary physical phenomenon.

Up to the present time, a general physical theory has not yet existed in a complete form. But we can be confident that in the future physical thought will return to the principled views of Faraday and Maxwell, will develop them by taking into account all new developments, and will complete the construction of a general physical theory. In any case, the Faraday-Maxwellian point of view on the direct participation of the medium in all physical processes seems to be the only conceivable guiding thread for the further successful development of modern physics.

I and, of course, all ideological opponents of the group headed by academicians A.F. Ioffe and S.I. Vavilov, object only to erroneous methods of interpreting physical processes, to those methods which lead to physical idealism, impede development of ideas which may correspond to the real nature of phenomena, and therefore impede further progress of physical science" Academician V.F. Mitkevich

   "We, the modern generation, are too impatient to wait till for anything. After Michelson's attempt to discover the expected motion of the Earth relative to the ether, we abandoned everything we had been taught before, created a postulate, the most nonsensical one we could think of, and created non-Newtonian mechanics consistent with that postulate. The success we have achieved is a superb tribute to our mental activity and our wit, but it is not certain that our common sense." William Macmillan

"Where foolishness is the pattern, there reason is madness" Goethe.

"The theory of relativity, forcibly introduced into science at the beginning of the last century by social parasites, practically stopped real scientific inquiry on the planet.

From that moment on, real science came under an all-encompassing ban. Today there is no more reactionary and false theory in the world than Einstein's theory of relativity.

But the time allotted by history to this "theory" has expired. Relativity dam, erected on the way of natural science development by interested persons, cracked under the pressure of facts and new applications, and it will inevitably collapse ". Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Vladimir Akimovich Atsyukovsky

"There is only one good thing: knowledge.   There is only one evil - ignorance." Socrates

"Ignorance is a demonic force, and we fear that it will cause many more tragedies." Karl Marx 

"The patrons of ignorance are the fiercest enemies of mankind." Claude Adrian Helvetius.

"Ignorance and obscurantism have never created anything but crowds of slaves for tyranny." Emiliano Zapata 

"With all due respect to the scientific community, one cannot escape the awful thought that it has been misled (for which there are a number of intra- and extra-scientific reasons), that a jester's hat of relativism has been put on its head. It is painful and humiliating to realize this, but the bitter and difficult path of purification is necessary for science". Professor V. Krasnoyarov.                                                                                                                  

"When we are so advanced that we can give the mechanics of the ether, it will of course include much that is now by necessity attributed to physics." Friedrich Engels                                                                                                                                

"A mature theory, in which physical facts will be mechanically explained, will be constructed by those who, questioning nature itself, will be able to find the only true solution of the questions posed by mathematical theory" James Clerk Maxwell

"The revival of science is vital to all. This is understood by all who have retained reason" Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Boyarintsev V.I.

"Fundamental science will change significantly in the coming years. We should expect the development of new leading scientific concepts, a strong advance in the general understanding of the main deep questions of the world structure. There are reasons to expect significant breakthroughs in the horizon to 2035-2050 in fundamental research in astrophysics, quantum physics..., and an increase in the importance of exploratory research aimed at changing the currently dominant scientific paradigm". Goals and Objectives of the Russian Federation's Strategy for the STD.

"Given the crucial role of science and technology for the country, as you know, it has been given a special status: it is explicitly stated in the law that it is equal to the National Security Strategy.

It is necessary to focus on the development of fundamental science, to focus it on obtaining principally new knowledge and searching for answers to the so-called great challenges of tomorrow.

Development of fundamental research in the Russian Federation will be one of the unconditional priorities of the state scientific and technological policy in the long term.

The system of evaluation of fundamental research that currently exists in Russia diverges from the world practice...

Priority directions of development of basic research are determined by the scientific community, not by pseudo-scientific swindlers ...

Science must explain its goals to society and be accountable to it.

Technological development will be truly global if it is not fragmented and constrained by attempts to monopolize progress, to restrict access to education, and to place barriers to the free exchange of knowledge and ideas.

What I am talking about now are certainly not empty, beautiful words. It is a question of our existence and, moreover, of our survival in the full sense of the word". Putin.


"So far, no one has been able to conceive of gravitation and electricity as two different manifestations of the same essence. Today our physical theories, the laws of physics, are a multitude of disparate parts and scraps that do not fit together well. Physics has not yet become a unified structure, where every part is in its place. So far, we have many parts that are difficult to fit together.

From Newton's time until now, no one has been able to describe the mechanism behind the law of gravitation without repeating what Newton said, without complicating the math or predicting phenomena that don't actually exist. So, we still have no model for gravity other than a mathematical one. 

Newton didn't speculate about it. It was enough for him to discover what happens without entering into the mechanism of what happens. But no one else has discovered any mechanism since then. All physical laws differ in this respect in their abstract nature. Why can we use mathematics to describe laws without knowing their cause? No one knows that. We keep going down this road because there are still discoveries to happen on it.   If there were only one law of this nature, it would be an interesting, though unfortunate, exception. But it turns out that the more we investigate, the more laws we discover, the deeper we penetrate nature, the more chronic the disease becomes. Each of our laws is a purely mathematical statement, and a rather complicated and poorly understood one at that.

No less complicated are the forces of interaction between proton and neutron and neutron and proton. So far we do not know the mechanism that determines these forces, we do not know how to understand them". Richard Feynman

This is the universally acknowledged unsatisfactory true state of affairs in theoretical physics, shared by scientists of the world scientific community.

Toward an analytical resolution of Faraday and Feynman's own mechanical models of physical interactions by Faraday and Maxwell.

"Hitherto it has been customary to begin the investigation of the laws of electric and magnetic forces by assuming that these phenomena are caused by some innate attractive and repulsive force between known bodies. We want to consider the same question from a different point of view, more suitable to our research, namely, by determining the magnitude and direction of the forces in question by means of the speed and direction of motion of an incompressible fluid. There is no contradiction in the notion of sources and sinks in which fluid is created or destroyed. Just as nothing prevents us from imagining it absolutely incompressible, so nothing prevents us from assuming that it is created out of nothing in known places. Where fluid is created, we will call sources, and their intensity will be determined by the number of units of the amount of fluid they produce per unit time. The same places where the liquid is destroyed, we will call drains.

In what follows I will consider several problems from the doctrine of electricity and magnetism relating to spherical bodies." James Clark Maxwell.

Unfortunately, this fundamental program of research into the mechanical nature of the physical interactions of spherical bodies was never carried out in a form acceptable to physics. 

In the author's monograph, "Science Needs Protection from Pseudoscientific Swindlers," Sputnik+ Publishers, Moscow 2018, this gap is addressed and allows the realization of Maxwell's mission statement that: "A mature theory, in which physical facts will be mechanically explained, will be constructed by those who, questioning nature itself, will be able to find the only correct solution to the questions posed by mathematical theory."

The essence of the solution is the analytical determination of the distribution in space of velocities and accelerations of aether particles emitted by spherical sources and absorbed by spherical sinks.

To determine the values of velocities and accelerations of aether particles on spherical surfaces, interacting sources and sinks, the superposition principle of velocity and acceleration fields has been applied.

The second and third Newton's laws allow us to determine the values of forces acting on the spherical surfaces of sources and sinks from the aether particle flows by integration in a given direction.

The results of the research allow us for the first time to obtain almost all equations of physical interactions (gravitational, electrostatic, electromagnetic, weak and nuclear forces) in clarified and extended analytical form.

In this case physical interactions depend not only on masses, charges and distances between interacting objects, but also on their relative velocities and accelerations, as well as on velocities and accelerations of aether particles flows on spherical surfaces of objects. The study presents evidence that the interaction does not propagate with infinite speed, as it followed, in particular, from Newton's and Coulomb's equations, but depends on the speeds and accelerations of the flows of aether particles emitted and absorbed by the interacting material objects. Moreover, it was possible to present gravitation and electricity as two different manifestations of the same essence.

Now we know the mechanism, determining these forces, we know the way to understand them - to answer all questions, which so worried scientists, about which Richard Feynman wrote, none of which can be answered by the currently dominating anti-scientific paradigm of quantum-relativistic subconsciousness.

As a result physics became a single construction, where every part - in its place.

The results of analytical research resulted in substantiation, on the example of galactic structures and star-planet systems, of cyclic sequence of development of material objects; of Mercury perihelion displacement; of nature of inclination of planet rotation axes and their misalignment with magnetic poles; of pear-shaped Earth, discovered by Columbus. The mysteries of levitating disks and fuelless engines - generators of genius John Searle and paradoxical phenomena of Nikolayev's electrodynamics were also solved. It was possible to refute Einstein's fabrications about the dependence of the mass of charged particles on their relativistic speed by analytical proof of the fact that with increasing speed the magnitude of the total force acting on charged particles in the magnetic field decreases, and so on.

Thereby, the present analytical research allows to fulfill goals and tasks of the Strategy of NTR of RF, aimed at replacement of currently dominating anti-scientific paradigm of quantum-relativistic subconsciousness, by analytical solution of heights of mental - mechanical models of physical interactions by Faraday and Maxwell and to build a general mature theory, in which physical facts are mechanically explained, on which outstanding great minds of humanity insisted.

To paraphrase the fact of scientists' recognition of their dissatisfaction with the modern not knowing the mechanism that determines these forces, not knowing the way to understand them by Richard Feynman, as well as the above, programmatic statements of Maxwell, Engels, and Leo Tolstoy, we can state with complete certainty that the study of the moves that all the great minds of humanity made to grasp the truth, which alone is all science, allowed, by analytically solving the heights of mental - own mechanical models of physical interactions of Faraday and Maxwell, to construct a general mature theory in which physical facts are mechanically explained and to find the only correct solution of the questions posed by mathematical theory, and so advanced that we were able to give the mechanics of ether, which, of course, also included much that is now by necessity attributed to physics.

The progress achieved guarantees the realization of the goals of the Presidential Strategy for the NTR of the Russian Federation in that technological development will become truly global if it is not fragmented and hindered by attempts to monopolize progress, limit access to education, and place barriers to the free exchange of knowledge and ideas. Putin                                                               

We must finally understand that technological development will not become global until the obstacles Putin speaks of are removed by the bureaucratized, monopoly-infested nomenklatura elite of the RAS and the Ministry of Science and Education.

"Our own science, first of all its basis - fundamental science - is now in a critical state.

Science should be protected from itself, from its non-viable organizational structure from its bureaucratized nomenclature elite infected by monopoly" testifies Gavriil Khromov, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.

P.S. Testament of Albert Einstein

"The problem faced today by intellectuals in our country is very serious. Politicians are spreading suspicion among the people toward scientists. These politicians deprive people who disobey them of their jobs, thereby condemning them to starvation. What are scientists to do? Speaking frankly, I know of only one way not to cooperate with them. Everyone who is summoned to the commission should prepare for prison and starvation, in other words, for sacrificing their well-being in the interest of their country.

It is a shame to submit to such an inquisition. If, however, people are willing to take this step, it will end with success. If not, then the country's intellectuals deserve nothing but slavery and starvation.

I believe that the highest duty of every physicist is to find those generalizing elementary laws from which, by pure deduction, a general picture of the world can be obtained. It is worth remembering, however, that it is not the logical path that leads to these laws, but only intuition based on insight into the essence of experience.

It seems to them that I am quietly satisfied with the results of my life. But up close, things look very different. There is not a single concept there about which I am certain that it will remain immutable, and I am not convinced, am I even on the right track?

Physicists think I am an old fool, but I am convinced that in the future the development of physics will go in a different direction than it has been so far.

Even scientists of different countries behave as if their brains were amputated.   Dear descendants! If you have not become fairer and more peaceful, then to hell with you. This wish was uttered with great respect by the one whose name was Albert Einstein.

Repenting and realizing the "extraordinary seriousness of the sad consequences of the crisis in natural science for the fate of Earth civilization," to which his own delusions led Einstein photographed himself with his tongue out. The scientist loved the photo and gave a copy to host Howard Smith, signing on the other side of the card: "You will enjoy this gesture, because it is intended for all mankind".













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Author:  Vladislav Borisovich Cherepennikov

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