Young Mothers Club Initiative- Likuyani Subcounty, Kakamega County Back Ground

Daniel M Maino

1 Registered Nurse Midwife, Reproductive health coordinator, Likuyani Sub County, Kenya.

*Corresponding Author:Daniel M Maino, Registered Nurse Midwife, Reproductive health coordinator, Likuyani Sub County, Kenya,0723298882; Fax: 0723298882;

Citation: Daniel M Maino (2022) Young Mothers Club Initiative- Likuyani Subcounty, Kakamega County Back Ground. Int Ginecolgia obstcia 2: 113.


Received: November 24, 2022; Accepted: November 28, 2022; Published: December 02, 2022.

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Teen age pregnancies have been on the increase in the period following the covid 19 pandemic. Globally, regionally and in local situations the effects are a major concern due to the ripple effects of cohesion and stability in our societies.  Most early pregnancies are related to gender based violence cases, peer pressure and economic constraints. Parental guidance has been lacking leaving the youth to self-identification practices including social media. Main causes of early pregnancies has been related to; early sexual debut, rape and defilement by strangers and known persons, use of alcohol and drugs, and early marriages. Most young girls resort to dangerous practices, including unsafe abortions.

Problem Statement

Over 30% of mothers attending antenatal clinic are aged below 18 years, (KHIS).  Despite there being incidences of early marriages, which in essence is a legality according to child protection policies, most of the girls are still single and in school. Effects resulting from these pregnancies are; School dropout at an early stage, premature child births, complications which may result in in death, socio economic challenges and stigma related to social isolation.



To provide responsive care for the affected adolescents, during pregnancy delivery and post natal period effectively restoring their dignity and reduce associated stigma.   Implore young mothers to be agents of change in the ever changing societal sexual behavior. Create income generating activities for the young mothers and enable them fit into the society as self-reliant individuals.


The young mothers are identified through community health volunteers and referred to our clinics for antenatal services. They are taken through the process of ante natal, skill delivery and post natal care in cohorts including child welfare clinics. A set of activities are undertaken through a 12 months period per cohort as follows:


Session Number

Topic Covered


Introduction, group forming, expectations and taking history of the young mothers as per the facility tracker.


Contraception – Counseling and addressing myths and misconceptions.




Safe motherhood; ANC/PNC/ SBA/ Danger signs/ Abortion.


Nutrition, breastfeeding and personal hygiene.


IGA ideas and linkage to social protection services.


Life planning; Education career and finance.


Life planning; Health, relationship and development of life plans.


76 young mothers have been enrolled into the program and are attending clinics at different cohorts since its inception in March 2022. All young mothers have been registered with Linda Mama NHIF initiative, they all attend the requisite Ante natal clinic and skilled birth attendance. 6 girls have since returned to school after delivery.


Young mothers’ club initiative has restored the girls hope in life, and reduced stigma associated with early pregnancies. The young mothers are the change agents in society in reducing stigma associated with teen pregnancies.




All efforts are to be employed in reducing further teenage pregnancies, through regular health education in schools, churches and other forums including social media. Peer to peer association is key in eliminating teen age Pregnancies. Improved socio economic ventures are required in every level of community development to cushion young girls from undue exploitation for financial benefits. State agencies should protect young girls by criminalizing sexual exploitation and discourage young marriages.


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