The Truth is the Idea of Ukraine

Klyuykov SF1*, Klyuykov RS1

1Priazovsky State Technical University, 87525, Mariupol, Nakhimov Ave., 186, apt. 21, Ukraine.

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Citation: Klyuykov RS, Klyuykov SF (2023)The Truth is the Idea of Ukraine. SciEnvironm 6: 173.

Received: February 28, 2023; Accepted: March 31, 2023; Published: April 05, 2023.

The seeds of theoretical physics were laid by the infamous Aristotle (384–322 BC) with his sensory observations and attempts to rationalize them through metaphysics. Since his time, Aristotle's metaphysics has been senselessly engaged in the study of the first causes of Nature only with pure reason, which it constantly lacks...

Guess what results such a study of Nature produces? Hegel specifically explored the concept of metaphysics: its beginning had no definitions, principles, like other sciences...

There are many other opinions about the metaphysics of other scientists, all of them are different, contradictory, because they try to replace the ideal explanations of the otherworldly ideal with something the world by way of Plato [2], provided by numerical dialectics, which Aristotle basely threw out of Knowledge, and you still repeat his historical errors and inventions of cheap metaphysics.

Research by E. Mach, A. Poincaré, A. Einstein, M. Born, V. Pauli and other positivists, Aristotle's theoretical physics, deservedly forgotten, was violently revived. The latest positivists also, due to misunderstanding, once again threw out the eternally true Doctrine of Plato, calling it "metaphysics"! meanly allowed themselves to invent the equations of the Laws of Nature and find experimental confirmation of them - even more terrifying metaphysics!!!

How are you better than Hitler ("The more monstrous a lie is, the more readily it is believed") or Goebbels ("A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth")?!!Do you see where ignorance of eternal Truth [1] leads to Knowledge?!!With dogmas (" Truth is unattainable!", "There are no ideals!", "Actual INFINITY does not exist!”) and the "classification of sciences" Aristotle crushed Parmenides ' One-Whole !!!Like Kumir, the positivists denied the eternal essential spiritual knowledge of the world and set before theoretical physics the task of officially inventing any hypotheses, models, theories in order to adequately describe physical systems.

Where did your references to Plato's Teachings go?!!

The audacious thoughts of such "scientists", detached from reality by themselves, were often brought into the world of fiction, especially when ZERO and INFINITY mystically appeared among the results of the equations of the laws of Nature invented by them.

For example, "ultraviolet catastrophe" = ZERO wavelength of light is equivalent to INFINITY of radiated energy!!! It was this catastrophe that caused the quantum revolution in physics, and it, in turn, is now crazily making more and more catastrophes!!!

ZERO and INFINITY conspired to break the simple, clear, easily accessible doctrine of Aristotle, which vilely rejected the "poisonous ideas" of Plato, and you still profess such a short-lived doctrine and have "insurmountable" problems with it!!!

Invented (1900), Planck's formula revealed the secret of the "ultraviolet catastrophe." But unfortunately, it does not correspond to the existing laws of physics. The laws of physics must change!??

According to Planck, energy exchange is strictly dosed in portions, which are called quanta.

The appearance of quanta is beautifully explained [3] by Klyukov's ideal mathematical modeling by the new simplest combinations of the operations of Plato's Ideal Mathematics of the natural gradual build-up of electron shells of all chemical elements (and not only zinc, involved in the "ultraviolet catastrophe") and all fundamental physical interactions of the universe by "mixing in certain proportions" (Plato) of only "two" specific parameters:

? and - the simplest fundamental mathematical operation of addition.

? aa — the fundamental mathematical operation of multiplication.

? ab, ac, bc — " two out of three " of the fundamental mathematical operation of conjugation.

? ba, ca, cb, bb, cc — " two out of three " of the fundamental mathematical operation of addition.

? ad, bd, cd, dd, dc, db, dc — " two out of four " of the fundamental mathematical operation of addition.

But Albert Einstein was destined to turn "quanta" from a curiosity into a fact earlier, who simply explained the photoelectric effect when the zinc electrodes of the discharger were illuminated with ultraviolet rays by the fact that the ultraviolet ray knocks out zinc electrons. But the effect disappeared when the beam was made a little redder. The rays could not do this only by the oscillation of their virtual wave, this could only be done by a material particle — a photon, a small portion of energy. Thus, in 1905, the formula E=mc2 was born - the equivalence of mass and energy - a physical concept known as Einstein's "theory of relativity”. In 1923, de Broglie expressed the idea of dualism - any material particle can be associated with a wave. In 1926, Schrödinger published the equation of wave functions, however, neither the "theory of relativity", nor de Broglie's hypothesis, nor Schrödinger's equation said anything about the nature of these waves. Such a simplified explanation of Einstein was even more revolutionary than Planck's hypothesis, therefore, due to the Problems of ZERO and INFINITY, it provokes even greater "scientific" disasters: Black Hole, Vacuum Energy, Big Bang , " shadow photons" and their "parallel Universes", etc. The "simplified explanation" is primitively limited to the consideration of only four fundamental interactions with an undeveloped addition of the "Higgs field"; does not provide explanations for " dark energy " and " dark matter "; has other flaws!!!

Take note a small amendment to Einstein's revolutionary explanation that will fix it all!!!

Indeed, light is a material particle (photon) and a wave. But the nature of the wave is a mystical " feedback" obligatory for every material particle with the "solid environment " that gave rise to it, with the INFINITY of the otherworldly ideal world, as an obligatory "inversion trail" behind a supersonic plane. And together they are creating a mystical dualism - a quantum of "quantum theory”! The essence of the " small amendment ": a photon exists as a material particle, but it always ("from birth to death") necessarily and at the same time has a wave with it as a mystical " feedback " that exists continuously as long as the photon exists. wherever fate takes him, even in Jung's two-slit experiment - take it into account!!! It disappears only together with the photon! That is, the " return link " (mystical NOTHING, ZERO - everything " that you missed!") has its own photon - a conductor from the ideal world to the real one and vice versa !Einstein's revolutionary decision is corrected a little with this understanding of the Divine ZERO , then everything mystically converges into Parmenides' One-Whole : Plato's "theory of ideas", Einstein's "relativity theory", Planck's "quantum theory" - the perfect mathematical modeling of the Klyukovs [1-3], in which involves only the IDEAL laws of fundamental physical interactions — the ideal orders we have found of Plato's ideals (Table), and not the differential equations of the laws of Nature invented by you, which necessarily lead to the Problems of ZERO and INFINITY!!! Implementation of a "small amendment" by replacing fictional equations on corresponding to them ideal orders (Table) will solve the problems of modern theoretical physics. For example, it will explain in a new way only the imagined "shadow photons" and their "parallel universes" and will cool down your other sky-high whimsical fantasies! It will also calm the energy of zero oscillations created by Heisenberg's " uncertainties ", because it creates a practical an ideal mathematical model of any problem is only a complete Plato's Chorus, where the need for " uncertainty " of any parameters of the problem disappears altogether, because its solution is necessarily PERFECT! In order to "marry the titans" (Einstein's theory of relativity and Planck's "quantum theory"), it is enough to practically use the ideal mathematical modeling of the Kluykovs by introducing the mystical " feedback " of each material conductor from the ideal world to the real one. Because EVERY material thing always has the " dark matter " you are looking for, which is Plato's Way constantly performs continuous mystical " feedback " (ZERO) with the " dark energy " you are looking for "solid environment " of the otherworldly ideal world (INFINITY) — everything " you missed!”. That is, with ideal mathematical modeling, everything material must be considered by the conductor mystical " feedback " from the otherworldly ideal world to the real one and vice versa; an ideal mathematical model is built only according to ideal orders (Table); its every step is guided and controlled not by dubious inventions of researchers, but exclusively by ideal orders eternal ideal world - only then its results become PERFECT!

Let us return to theoretical physics the eternal, essential, spiritual knowledge of the world defiantly rejected by the positivists, not in the form of Aristotle's vile metaphysics, but in the restored grandiose Teachings of Plato!

That is, the whole secret of the "small amendment" in the fact that it is "not just any", but only Divinely PERFECT, allows to mathematically model the UNIVERSE not only with the primitive quantity allowed by Aristotle, but with a rich set of 16 new and even newer qualities of Nature (Table) found by us with Plato!!!

Not invented by any Einstein Problems of ZERO and INFINITY (Black hole, Vacuum energy, Big bang...), but only pure Truth found by us and Plato [1].

Good luck to you in achieving it!!!

Figure 2: Intelligent ideal continuums of the Universal Mind of God.

Childbirth Elements


Structure of Ideals

(Unit 1- start of the part)

Lots of Mind




Natural 1

1+1+…= xi


Whole 2

(xi)1 + (xi)2+…+ (xi)xj= xi xj

Ratio of quantities

Rational Hble 3


Combination of quantities

Valid Hble 4

Quantity arrangements

Dependencies “Water”

Model Features 5

Dependence of quantities

State Model 6

Dependency Relationships

Continuum model 7


Relationship Influences

Level Model 8

Freedom of influence

Communications “air”

Development Model 9

 K1< K2

Freedom trends

Inference Model 10


 Π1< Π2< ---priorities

Trend Strategy

Learning Model 11

                                                                                                       Learning model

Combining Strategies (Machine Learning)

Rudiment of artificial intelligence 12

Machine programming (Machine speculation)




Addition of intellects



Multiplication of intellects



Correlation of intellects


? World Mind, Truth