My journey from being an unhappy person to becoming the Laughter Coach

Suchi Spore1*

1 Laughter Therapist University, Chair ~Global Goodwill Ambassadors, Singapore.

*Corresponding Author: Suchi Spore, Laughter Therapist University, Chair ~Global Goodwill Ambassadors, Singapore, TEL: +6594870562 ; FAX: +6594870562;

Citation: Suchi Spore (2019) My journey from being an unhappy person to becoming the Laughter Coach. Archiv Neurol Neurosurgery 3:112.

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Received date: January 03, 2019; Accepted date: January 25, 2019; Published date: January 25, 2019.

I was an unhappy person. I explored various ways including attending Stress management courses & learning a few laughter exercises.

I studied Brain development and it’s functions. I became interested in knowing more about happy hormones. I was very keen to explore if it’s possible for human beings to get the dosage of happy hormones endorphins, dopamine and serotonin on their own.

I realized that I get a feeling of pure satisfaction and joy after a completed workout. I felt that after the workout my confidence grew in my own capabilities. I read that responsible for this sense of joy are biochemical processes and the release of happiness hormones. Dopamine is the main reason why we feel good while exercising.

I then explored how to get endorphins, dopamine and serotonin and included that in the Laughter Therapy.

I resigned as the International Pre School Manager and spent time reading and applying the knowledge learnt. After applying the knowledge, I experienced positive changes in my moods and everyone around me commented on my high energy levels.

I became a happy person full of positive energy. I had a pure intention of wanting to see others happy. I started conducting Laughter Therapy at Hospitals, Parks, Club houses, Dormitories, Senior Citizen Centers and Schools etc.

Feedback of Laughter Therapy sessions was very positive. Participants shared that they felt Happy, energetic, calm and peaceful. Some participants shared that slight pain which they were experiencing before attending the therapy was gone. Some of them shared that after attending the therapy, they stopped taking their depression medicine.

I became very enthusiastic and positive about the therapy I have designed, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world.


I joined social media platforms in 2017. By 2018, I could create awareness about it to a few thousands. I then started receiving Conference and summit invitations for speaking about the Art Of Laughter and how to reach top performance by getting your happy hormones

Laughter Therapy which includes Simple stretching, Deep breathing, Practicing various laughter types, Saying positive affirmations aloud and Progressive muscle relaxation with water sounds.

Too much thinking, getting overwhelmed by the technology can have an opposite effect and it turns up your cortisol level. Your body perceives it as a form of negative stress. Relaxation with music allows you to listen to your body to find out whether the stress is of physical or of mental origin.

With every little sense of achievement after attending the Laughter therapy, your self-confidence increases step-by-step – and this, in turn, pushes you towards top performances. So you will not only feel lighter and more but also more optimistic, confident, satisfied, powerful – and happier!

Effects of these happy making hormones is not only restricted to the immediate time during training. In the course of actual practice, the brain releases endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin only within certain regions. But if you practice these exercise regularly, the hormone concentration grows continuously in many areas of the brain. A sustainable improvement of confidence levels and an increase of happiness and satisfaction are then pleasant side effects.

Go for being happier in the long term!