The Re-Connection to Healing

Julie Rammal1*

1 Founder & Owner, JSPORT, Holistic Trainer & Practitioner, Fitness Marketing Consultant, USA.

*Corresponding Author: Julie Rammal,Founder & Owner, JSPORT, Holistic Trainer & Practitioner, Fitness Marketing Consultant, USA, Tel: +1 949 209 9643; Fax: +1 949 209 9643; E-mail:

Citation: Julie Rammal (2020) The Re-Connection to Healing. Medcina Intern 4: 146.

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Received: 15 March, 2020; Accepted: 07 April, 2020; Published: 10 April, 2020.


Today, the majority of us are nearly connected to 1-5 devices, consume and use toxic products and are no longer in harmony and alive within our own and nature’s frequency. As a result, the universe is constantly striving to regain its own internal balance through: process of elimination, illnesses, diseases, earthquakes, tsunami’s, natural disasters, and more.

The supremacy of our universe, the nature and our system are incredibly well balanced, sophisticated, and dominated by the ancient yin yang concept. The holistic methodology shares the power of the yin yang in its movement, education, discipline and training for the body, mind and soul. We should understand and honor the universal code of life, and not disrupt its frequency and vibration in our environment, ourselves, food, and life. If we continue to disrupt and lack universal understanding of our environment, the universe will continue to spread: elimination, illnesses, diseases, earthquakes, tsunami’s and more.

In Taoism, the human life must strive to be in closest unity with everything around us, rather than separated, as this will cause numerous disruptions in nature’s cycle and create unfortunate circumstances. It is important for us to re-awaken as a human race and use our senses to see, feel, hear, and abide to the universal law of life.

The yin yang concept is an ancient symbol that originated from a Chinese religion called Taoism. It was formed by the school of naturalists and Lao Tzu, and represents a school of thought that took around 200 to 300 years to develop. One of the famous principles that was taught to pupils was the Yin Yang concept. The holistic methodology honors Taoism/ Daoism, and holistic living.

The yin yang symbol consists of black and white colors that are opposites yet complimentary, and create a constant mutual attraction and repulsion that causes constant change that is manifested in the universe.

Yin is the dark tinted shadow referred to as negative, while yang is the bright white shadow referred to as positive. The Yin yang symbol is composed of two large swirls that are opposite in colour, and have smaller dots inside of each swirl.

Yin = Dark, Negative, Empty, Low, Cold

Yang = Light, Growth, Positive, warmth, fullness, aggressiveness, speed

The inner small dots represent that everything contains the seed of the opposite.

Yin and Yang are manifested everywhere on Earth, such as in the cycles of life, life/death, seasons, winter/ summer. Other examples: a waves crust is yang and the trough is yin; the sunbeam is yang, while the shadows are Yin. An eggshell is Yang, and the egg inside is Yin. Additional examples of Yin/Yang include: contract/expand, hard/soft, fire/water, chaos/order, sleep/awake, dark/daylight, inner/outer, cold/ hot, low/high, and so forth. In our pre-determined behaviors, we see the effect of yin and yang as well. For example, if we try very hard to be beautiful we become the opposite; an obsession over living can cause fear and obsession of dying. If we have a lot of possessions, we could become greedy, and if we have only a few we could become thieves.

In Taoism, nature has its own self balancing system, and change will happen alone if required. We must embrace change, and understand this concept to execute balanced behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and actions. Today, we are facing a critical time and pivot in the world where we must learn from both Yin and Yang, and live in harmony with nature, rather than against nature’s flow of life. If we resist, more disruption and chaos will occur.

The holistic methodology follows the Yin Yang concept to teach us how to remain harmonious and balanced within ourselves. Our connection to nature and living a holistic life in harmony within and outside of ourselves is vital to adapt to the new era. Nature possesses all of our answers and remedies, and is home to thousands of organisms, species, including ourselves.

To begin your healing, one must tune into themselves and see where there is an unbalance in the yin and yang in themselves, and their lives. For example, when we are born we are pure in body, mind and soul. As we age, we attract and engage in many unharmonious activities, thoughts, behaviors, consumption and so forth that disrupt this yin and yang balance within us. Many of us may become addicted to certain substances, habits, behaviors, thoughts that are not harmoniously and positively serving us to be in inner union and balance with the universe. For example, a human being should naturally be playful, joyful, energized, loving, forgiving and compassionate rather than the opposite. It is important to practice meditation, self- awareness, and to re-create a simple pure mind, thoughts, balanced emotions and body, in which the holistic methodology strives to do.

Once one is re-balanced, and connected to themselves, and the universe, life will flow much easier, harmonious, and be more balanced in body, mind, soul, and health. In addition, the universe will be more receptive as the human and the cosmo antennas are aligned and in sequence. The major signs of dis-connection to oneself and unbalanced yin yang is: anxiety, fear, depression, weight problems, illness, diseases, infections, lack of joy and so forth.

The holistic methodology shares the power of self-healing and self-mastery in an era where we are becoming increasingly dis-connected to ourselves, nature and the universe. It re-awakens us in a time where we are no longer connected, and re-connects oneself back to themselves and the universe in order to have health, peace, harmony, and joy.