Gravity Repels Light

Iraj Khalilymoghadam 1*

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Citation: Iraj Khalilymoghadam (2023) Gravity Repels Light. Nano Technol & Nano Sci J 5: 147. 

Received: April 11, 2023; Accepted: May 06, 2023; Published: May 09, 2023.

Like a mass and inflect it, I say the opposite of that which is opposite of all theories Gravity stretches the shape of a mass vertically Also Repels light of any source vertically. « Gravity and light repel each other »Gravity pulls any mass but pushes any light. If we can see candlelight from 2000 meters horizontally, it will be visible from 6520 meters vertically. On the other hand, any vertical thing we see looks higher than the real height and it depends on the amount of gravity. The height of a mass will try to be different vertically or in out of atmosphere so when it is horizontal endures pressure which can start a new science of human body. We know that the gravity of the sun pulls Earth or any planet but because of the opposition between Gravity and Light, planets stay in orbit and spin. Light pushes any planet with gravity, planets try to get rid of this force so spin and move. The force that doesn't let a planet be swallowed by the sun is not eccentricity. The power of gravity of sun is stronger so to neutralize it and get rid of it, so planets spin. A few years ago, I went to a carpet shop to bring our carpet home, which my wife had bought before. Just as I entered the shop, I saw long, big carpets hanging. I thought, whose house is so big to buy these big carpets. Surprisingly the salesman said: one of them is yours, they look big but, on the floor, look smaller! It was just the beginning of my opinion:


When I asked others, they mentioned the illusion. I widened the carpet on the floor and hung it many times and got curious. Why? Why does something horizontally look taller and bigger than it vertically? I couldn't believe or accept illusion, something must be. So, I started to research. I studied Physics by myself but there was no acceptable answer or even had written about. I take showers every morning with hot water even in summer. I was staring at the corner of the ceiling when the bathroom got full of steam. I turned on the fan to evacuate the steam then I saw the change; the corner of the distance of the ceiling was changing, taller and shorter! I was surprised so I did it many times and it happened again! Suddenly I got it! Gravity pushes the light of it, repels it and water has a lot of effect on this opposition. But how and how much? I started to research but couldn't find any answers. On the other hand, physics scientists and physicists deny and completely refuse it! I said to myself, ok it was 2 or hundred years ago and there is no old or modern physics science and I'm just beginning physics. I divide light in two sorts:

* Light of any source in the universe like sun or a candle.

* Light of any mass that makes it visible so we can see it.

Light of any source in the universe.

Like sun or a candle, I got that:

Gravity is in opposition and indirect proportion with light but with distance is in:" the amount of repulse equals the amount of gravity:" direct proportion so" light speed divides on 3 multiply distance."

R = g× d/ 3c

So: R= 3.26 × d (on the Earth)

Ex: If we can see candlelight from 2000 meters long, we can see it from 6520 meters exactly over and vertical to the light.

R= 3.26 × d = 3.26 × 2000 = 6520m.

Figure 1:

I mean Earth gravity pushes light with the force of 3.26. Gravity can push light to go farther. (More radiation) It repels any light that approaches it vertically   and this is the secret of the universe. Imagine a shape in space vertical to us, we see it far, if we look at it on the horizon it looks nearer, for example sun and moon. What is keeping planets to bind and orbit? The great gravity of the sun pulls   planets, the light of it pushes it. This pushing causes spinning and rotating because the planet is going to neutralize the energy of light. So: more gravity, more opposition and more energy. What’s happening? A Million years ago, when Earth had bigger gravity there was more energy to push the light so: Spinning was faster, days and nights were shorter, and years were shorter. This opposition is Different over water which causes tide (flow and ebb) It's definitely correct that a black hole has huge gravity so completely repels and stops light so it cannot enter or get close. Stars run away from a black hole by the energy of their light when the gravity of a black hole pushes them.

Figure 2:

Gravity pulls any mass but stretches the shape of it vertically and they have direct proportion. Bigger gravity, taller shape! What I mean is: all mass has different heights when they are vertical. "I'd say 0.3 ×height is the amount of extra height “. It means: a mass is 10 meters long horizontally; we see it 13 meters vertically.

Eh = R×h/g

Eh= extra height

R=3.26   g=9.8

The difference of the height (Repulse of light of the mass) is 0.3 × height.

Eh = 0.3 × h

Gravity and the amount of repulse have direct proportion. 

If AB is 10 Meters horizontally

So, AD = 13 m

Or   :1.3×10=13

In fact, it just looks 13 and:

AB = AC + CD

But what is a CD?

When a mass looks taller vertically, weight is not changing so:

mAD= mAB

mCD =0)     E = mc2 (E = 0

CD is a hidden space all mass has with zero energy.

"All mass makes and has a hidden space, vertical to gravity that Energy is zero there. “This space which is visible but not measurable has an effect on mass when it would be horizontally.

Trying to make a bigger part with zero energy (CD) can help a mass to be lighter.


 So, less sleeping, healthier body. In fact, different gravities put human or mass under pressure horizontally. What I mean is that there is always a hidden space with zero energy vertically to the shape of any mass because of stretching height which is not visible horizontally. Because of the huge gravity of Earth and pushing light stronger million years ago, days and nights were shorter, and years were shorter, and the Triangle BCD was bigger, so animals and humans were bigger or huge. Some of the results of this opposition in brief:

Gravity repels any light, approaches it vertically.

 “The amount of repulse of light equals 3.26.”

The amount of stretching of mass equals 0.3 of height

 The opposition of light and gravity is the secret of the universe. The reason for the flow and ebb on the Earth is not the gravity of the Moon. The Gravity of Earth is still decreasing. There will be another change of gravity which will have a sever effect on life on Earth. By having more water in the oceans, happens earlier. The reason of tide is not gravity of the Moon, it is because of the opposition of gravity and light (needs to be explained and researched more, another article) also changing Earth gravity changes Earth shape and surface, it probably helps us to predict Earthquakes.



Because of being unique, science has never accepted my opinion yet, there is no speech, article or books.

Just my experiments of Light and distance measurements by myself. The movement of light vertically and horizontally is clearly visible in space.